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Marauder Artists
A Place for Big Bang Artists to Gather
5th-Sep-2010 09:29 am - Formatting and Submission Guidelines
the marauder era
This is just a reminder that all work is due by 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, September 10th.

Please send all works via email to this address with your user name as the subject line. You may either include the work in the body of the email or as an attachment - whichever works best for you is fine. Within 24 hours of submission you should receive a confirmation email from the mods. If, for some reason you do not receive one within this time frame, please contact a mod ASAP. The interwebz can be strange; you never know what can happen.

Again, all works will be posted in a neutral, public forum, accessed via the MarauderBigBang site, but read and viewed on DreamWidth. Comments will all be located on the MBB site. DW features a wide, plain white layout that is perfect for both reading art and viewing stories. Art has no size requirements, but be mindful of the size of most people’s computer screens, etc. If it’s too big it can become unwieldy and people will have trouble viewing it. Also, keep in mind that, wherever possible, art will be inserted into the story at the appropriate place (near whatever scene is being illustrated) so, again, if it is too big it can look odd. If there should be any concerns with the size of your art, we promise to let you know ASAP.

Posting begins on September 18th.

And if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.
31st-Aug-2010 08:04 am - Posting
the marauder era

After posting polls and gathering the input from artists, authors, an readers, we have made a decision about posting for the marauderbigbang . In order to be fair to both artists and authors and to give the readers the best experience possible, we will be hosting the stories complete with art on DreamWidth, but accessed through the MarauderBigBang site. All comments will be at the MBB site.

This is similar to how it worked with rs_games , the bigbangblackout , and many other fests. All traffic will be directed through the MauraderBigBang site which will contain posts with headers and links to the stories on DreamWidth. The advantage of DW is that it allows us to post almost all stories complete (I think the limit is like 50,000 words) and to incorporate the art into the story. It is also easy to create a clean, easy to read layout that the makes for better viewing for the participants. At the end of the story, a link will simply lead the reader back to the MBB site to comment and go on to the next story. From the reader’s perspective, everything will be run through the MBB site and from the participants’ perspective, things will be all in one place.

If you would like to see examples of how this works you can go here or here. Please note that the latter actually leads to a different off-site host than DW, but it’s the same idea.

We know that some of you may be disappointed, and we’re very sorry. Still, the majority of artists and readers seemed to like the idea of having everything in one, neutral place and we want to be as fair as possible. This should give everyone the best experience. Thank you for your understanding about this. If you have any questions or comments, please reply here or see a mod.
27th-Aug-2010 04:30 pm - Posting Methods
the marauder era
This is a quick poll about posting methods. It seems that many (or most) of the authors would like to have their stories on their own journal so that they can keep all their comments in the same place. However, to give the readers the best experience possible (and to be fair to the artists) we think it would be best to post all stories complete on DreamWidth with the art included. Stories would be accessed via the MarauderBigBang site and all traffic would be directed through that.

Comments, however, can be directed anywhere (see last year's rs_games as an example.) One suggestion one to allow authors to make a comment post on their own journal and direct the comments back there. To the readers it would be the same as commenting on the MarauderBigBang site (which would be linked from DW), but to the author it would give them a chance to have their comments all in one place. In fact, they could even post their story and lock it until the end of the fest and have ALL their comments linked to the same spot at the end of the story.

But the question becomes: how do the artists feel? Would you rather have people comment on your art on a community site? Would it bother you to have your work posted on someone's personal journal? Would you mind going to someone else's journal to read your comments? Or would you prefer two links at the end of the story - one for art and the other for the story?

Nothing is set in stone here, we are just looking for input and, again, our goal is to make sure that everyone - readers, artists, and authors - have the best experience possible.

Please take a moment to fill out the following poll. We'd like to get your answers by 11:59PM on Tuesday, August 31st if possible. Thanks!

PS For the record, <lj user="Brighty18"> has no personal opinion on this other than, as a mod, she wants the fest to run well and the art and stories to be posted together.

Poll #1611665 Posting

As of now we are planning on posting the stories and art together on DreamWidth, but accessed via the MarauderBigBang site. However, we can have the comments directed virtually anywhere. If possible, where would you like to see comments directed:

The MarauderBigBang site so everyone can see them.
To the author's journal (which is the preferred method for them.) The links would lead right there, so it would be easy to find.
Two separate links, one to your journal and one to the author's journal. This would allow readers to comment to both, but might reduce the number of comments.
Don't know; don't care.

Would you have any objections to comments to your art being posted on an author's individual journal?

No, not really.
Sort-of. Please explain.

Although the stories will be on DW, authors might want to re-post to their own journal. Do you have any objections to your art appearing on someone else's journal?

No, not really.
Sort-of. Please explain.
the marauder era

“Is there anything else I can get you?”


Siriusly, is there anything you need?  Do you have questions, concerns, or comments? Are you still waiting on something you’d expected? Please let us know.

Also, please don't forget the the new time line is HERE.

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